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Amachu is the nick name of Sri Ramadoss Mahalingam & he runs a start-up by that name - Amachu. In addition to that Amachu teaches Free & Open Source software related subjects that he is knowledgable of, on demand and at M.Sc., (FOSS). Thi wiki serves as a knowledge base for all these activities.


MSCFOSS - Subject Materials

Following are the subjects that Sri Ramadoss Mahalingam handle for M.Sc., (FOSS). Compilations from various sources for the benefit of students to refer & learn are being provided here. These can be compiled & downloaded as PDF, ODT, thanks to Mediawiki's Collection extension. Its an ever evolving material. You can join & help making it better for students to come.

I Semester

II Semester

DIF 122 Software Development Practices (with Lab component): MSCFOSS/DIF122/Software_Development_Practices

III Semester

DIF 233 Application Development using PHP (with Lab component): MSCFOSS/DIF233/Application Development using PHP

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