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Answer all (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

  1. Brief the scenario under which Time boxing model is chosen.
  2. Brief about an iteration in Extreme programming.
  3. What is a static diagram in UML?
  4. What is an activity in UML?
  5. Brief about the pre-game phase in Scrum.
  6. Brief about Holistic diversity strategy in Crystal family of methodologies .
  7. What are the interfaces that Mailman offers. Brief about them.
  8. Give the IRC command,
    1. to register a nick 'mscfossian' with e-mail id in Freenode network.
    2. to Join a channel 'mscfoss' in the same network.
  9. Brief about Cathedral model in Free & Open Source software development?
  10. What is APT & what are its uses in a debian derived Operating Systems?

Answer 1 or 2 in each (16 x 5 = 80 Marks)

    1. Explain in detail about,
      2X8 Marks
      1. Iterative Development
      2. Extreme programming
    2. 16 Marks
      1. Explain in detail about Waterfall model of development, its advantages as well as disadvantages
    1. Explain about Static and Dynamic diagrams in UML.
      16 Marks

    2. 2X8 Marks
      1. What is an Use Case diagram? Explain with a example.
      2. Explain about the phases in Unified Approach to Software development.
    1. Explain in detail about Dynamic Systems Development Method .
      16 Marks

    2. Explain about,
      2X8 Marks
      1. the lifecycle phases in Adaptive Software Development
      2. the process involved in Feature Driven Development
    1. 2X8 Marks
      1. Explain how to enter a useful Bug report & about Bug triaging.
      2. What is a wiki? Explain about its advantages & disadvantages.
    2. Explain in detail about various output formats of diff.
      16 Marks
    1. 16 Marks
      1. Explain in detail about package management in a Debian derived Operating System.
    2. 16 Marks
      1. What is docbook? Explain its features with examples.
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