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Sequence diagram

Sequence Diagrams show the message exchange (i.e. method call) between several Objects in a specific time-delimited situation. Objects are instances of classes. Sequence Diagrams put special emphasis in the order and the times in which the messages to the objects are sent.

In Sequence Diagrams objects are represented through vertical dashed lines, with the name of the Object on the top. The time axis is also vertical, increasing downwards, so that messages are sent from one Object to another in the form of arrows with the operation and parameters name.

Messages can be either synchronous, the normal type of message call where control is passed to the called object until that method has finished running, or asynchronous where control is passed back directly to the calling object. Synchronous messages have a vertical box on the side of the called object to show the flow of program control.

Sequence diagram example


An example of high level sequence diagram for Online Bookshop. Online customer can search book catalog, view description of a selected book, add book to shopping cart, do checkout.

Online bookshop
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